Get the A's to Your Q's

+ Is “Spring Esteppe” your real name?

It truly is. Esteppe is a really common name in my husband’s hometown. I never thought a thing about it until I said it out loud! What’s even better - my parents didn’t give me a middle name. So springy step it is!

+ Did you guys live in a motorhome?

We don’t anymore, but in 2014 we spent almost two years traveling wherever our hearts (and massive doTERRA team) led us! Talk about adventure, connection and barely enough room to pour a cup of coffee! It’s good to be home home. But I wouldn't be surprised if we found ourselves on the open road again at some point. Who's coming with??

+ How long have you been "crunchy?"

I was raised by a “natural” momma who was really a pioneer for all things natural in our lives. She gave us regular enemas and made waffles out of something I couldn’t pronounce. But I rebelled. I wanted all things “modern medicine” and became a nurse because of my desire to buck the system with my mom. It wasn’t until January 2012 that we decided to make the shift to understanding our health more. Six months later we were starting to eliminate junk in our home and very quickly we were all in with toxin-free products and cleaner food choices.

+ Do you homeschool?

Shew. School, y’all! It’s a total learn-as-you-go for us. We’ve done unschooling, tutors and homeschooling. This is the first year that we are trying a “co-op” style program, two days a week. Wish us luck!

+ Do you miss working as a nurse?

No. I miss my co-workers, but I do not miss working for someone else. I LOV being my own boss, but more than that, I love seeing people feel better and radically change their lives. That is what keeps me going and gets me excited to keep doing what I do.

+ What's it like working with your husband?

Keith and I have a great working relationship because we are total opposites. Keith is really strong in areas like analytics, checklists and projects. I’m really good at teaching, visionary stuff and planning. The two of us balance each other so well and after 21 years together, we’re really good at knowing who does what best, and letting that person do it. Being together all the time isn’t always roses. We definitely have our days, but being able to have the freedom to spend our days together instead of commuting, sitting in an office cubicle or traveling without each other is so worth it!

+ Is dōTERRA your real job?

It is! I’ve been working dōTERRA for 6 years and became a full time dōTERRA Gal in Feb of 2013. Here's the secret: doTERRA really pays. After 1 1/2 years I had built my team to Diamond level and was able to leave my job and bring Keith home from his job too. Rather than settling for less money and more time, we actually have more of both.

+ What are your favorite oils?

All of them!! No really, we love them all. I have so many that I use on daily basis, it’s hard to pic favorites. Some that have been BIG game changers for me personally: Frankincense daily under my tongue for Fibromyalgia support, Balance to “take the edge off” and help me not lose my mind, Grapefruit in my water because I love citrus, Neroli rolled on my neck because WHY would I use synthetic perfumes? GROSS.

+ Do I have to use a Diva Cup if I want to be more “natural?"

Is that weird to you? Hahahaha! Listen… this whole thing about feminine hygiene is a touchy subject. I made the switch to the Diva Cup about 7 years ago because I realized I was using tampons that were made of cotton, that cotton had been in a field where toxic chemicals were used to kill bugs and all that jazz, then I would put that chemical filled cotton in the most absorbent area of my body. Gasp. Every month, I was exposing myself to a load of chemicals and never even realized it. My monthly cycle was accompanied by terrible cramps and I felt miserable. As my journey into the “natural” world progressed, I knew I had to do something different. Soooo, I made the switch. Diva Cup for the win! Minimal cramps, chemical free and environmentally safe! Yes, please!!! No, this isn’t for everyone. You can absolutely find organic cotton feminine care products, but do your research. When you know better, you do better.

+ What does it mean to be "glam crunchy?"

When I started diving into the world of “natural”, the word “crunchy” was thrown around A LOT. It never really felt like “me”… what does that even mean to be “crunchy”? Granola? Hippie? I don’t know…. all I know is that I am not any of that, but I do look at labels and do my best to eliminate the bad and add the good whenever I can. This journey of health and wellness made me realize that it is OK to love your lipstick AND still wear makeup. It is OK to love Kombucha and still shave your legs. I’m on a mission to teach people that “crunchy” needs to be redefined… Glam Crunchy. You can be Glamorous AND Crunchy.

+ Are you sure it's okay for me to take essential oils internally?

Y’all, Listen. The one thing I will say about this is… YES! All essential oils that are consumable are labeled with a supplement label. dōTERRA puts so much research into what oils to use when and how, and THIS is why I trust them. I’ve been taking essential oils internally for six years now and my health has never been better. Please understand that you don’t take an entire bottle at once… using a couple of drops throughout the day is perfectly fine and your health will thank you!

+ Can I take/use essential oils while pregnant?

The beautiful thing is about essential oils is that they ARE safe for pregnancy! Know you’re body, use them diluted on your skin, diffused in the air and even internally. As always, check with your doctor and grab some good literature from credible sources like Stephanie Fritz, LM CPM.

+ Can I use essential oils on my pets?

Absolutely! Having a stash of oils on hand for your pets makes you an amazing pet owner. Ha! You can use them on your pets as long as you dilute and do your research. Some oils are not recommended for small breeds of dogs and cats, but in general, you’re totally fine oiling them up. Check out Cesar Milan… he uses dōTERRA Serenity on his dogs to calm them. Cool, right?