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Are you looking for where to begin with essential oils?
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 I get it.  You've "joined" this new world and it's overwhelming!  You're looking at these bottles and you're like, okay, so what do I do NEXT?  You were drawn to essential oils because of the health benefits to you and your family but now you're not quite sure how to use them in your every day life or how to utilize their properties to help with that next ingrown toenail, toothache, canker sore, headache, tummy ache, cold sore ... 

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For less than an almond-milk protein-powder latte a day, receive my weekly inbox injection of basic info on how to use your essential oils in your everyday life.

I created this program to address the questions I answer again and again from "new oilers" who want their essential oils use to feel like second nature.   This isn't just another blow-up-your-inbox email campaign!  You can expect a weekly virtual visit CHOCK FULL of the good stuff:

  • Weekly featured oil with usages for everyday problems
  • How-to videos and tutorials on everything from diffuser recipes to ingrown toenail treatments
  • Encouraging and humorous anecdotes about this oil lifestyle (including tips on how to communicate with your friends and family "outside" oils!)
  • Access to a thorough and searchable topical index (kids have the crud? just type it in and see what pops up!)

get ready ...

... and get started!

You're officially an oiler now, but you know you're not making the most of the resources which are literally at your fingertips!  Don't waste another second: subscribe to my Getting Started program and start getting the essence out of your essential oils.


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Look What I'm Cookin' Up!

I'm working on creating a truly amazing searchable topical index full of tips and how-to's to address everyday problems and needs.

coming soon

  • Digital monthly magazine
  • Topical index
  • More educational videos
  • More ebooks
  • More recipes
  • More, more, more!


already a team member? everything here is FOREVER free for you!