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entertaining, made simple

My home is a revolving door. It’s rare to find a time when we don’t have something planned and guests at our home. Something about a fresh cheese plate and a good cup of sweet tea says “come on in.” Let me share with you some things I’ve learned about entertaining and keeping it simple.

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recipes, how-to's & more!

Okay, y'all.  I love all things delicious -- food, beverages (adult and kid-friendly alike), and scents!  If you're interested in some clean, simple, non-toxic recipes, you've got to check out my Pinterest boards today.

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health inventory

Are you ready to start feeling better but you feel overwhelmed with where to start? Do you want to get healthy but are exhausted with what it takes to actually do it? Friend. You are not alone! So many people feel that way, including myself at times! Let’s do this together … I’m gonna help you feel better! 

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sos oils video series & downloads

When you're in a pinch, what oils do you turn to? Trust me, I've been oiling for over six years and it is NO FUN getting caught empty-handed without the crucials. I made this quick video series for you on exactly how to use my favorite heavy-hitting essential oils in a crisis situation.  Includes gorgeous printables for your fridge or purse.

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exceptional oils for exceptional kids

Pulling your hair out because your kiddos are struggling with changes in schedules, unable to focus or maybe they just don’t seem to “fit the mold?” Did you know that there are things you can do to support them and create an environment where they THRIVE? This guide is for YOU, friend.  Jump on in and learn the fundamental building blocks you need to help them be successful.

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speaking & educational opportunities


media kit


If you’re curious about what I’ve done, or if we’d be a good match for retreats, online encouragement or whatever you have in mind for your events, request a Media Kit today!

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online educational opportunities

Thinking about learning more about all things “essential oils?" You’re in the right spot! There’s so much to learn and education is what I love to do.  Jump on in, grab your favorite beverage and get ready to fill your brain with fun oil info.

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in-person speaking opportunities

Have an event and think you want me to come? I’d LOVE to! I’m always up for a road trip, meeting new friends and sharing my love for authentic leadership and community! 

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wholesale opportunities

If you aren’t getting your essential oils and supplements at WHOLESALE pricing, I’m SO sad for you! It’s seriously the best way to buy! Wholesale VIP’s get the best deals, free products AND exclusive education and support. What are you waiting for?!?

Did you know that you NEVER have to “sell” dōTERRA to be a member? Do you think that you have to order every month to keep a membership? (You don’t!) Did you know that being a member means you have an account and you order WHENEVER YOU WANT? 

It’s the SMARTEST way to buy dōTERRA and you get to be a part of an incredible online community for support. Join as a WHOLESALE CUSTOMER and start changing your health and life now!

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