Team Member Love

I learned so much Spring’s example of leadership and culture of community. I knew that growing a business in the space of health and wellness was right when I saw how Spring displayed servant leadership and had so much knowledge in this area. She traveled to meet my team and shared her heart. She instantly created a rapport and formed relationships face to face and knee to knee. Her influence has made a major impact in my family’s life because of what she teaches and an even greater impact on my business because of how she teaches.
— Jessa Wright, dōTERRA Diamond

Spring plopped her oil bag in my lap over six years ago. We were on a road trip and she had just gotten her dōTERRA kit. Everyone in her family was already using oils and they had them tucked in bags and cup holders - I knew she meant business. Since then Spring has taught me how to oil in a pinch, what to take camping, how to dial in a protocol when my kids go down, and she is always inspiring me to use oils in unconventional ways. I am so glad I’m on her team and she was an unabashed sharer from the get-go.
— Betsy Balkcom, dōTERRA Platinum

Spring is truly one of a kind! Her heart for others is huge and her laugh is contagious! As our friendship has grown over the years, Spring will be the first to send an encouraging text message or dig a little deeper when I say say, “I’m fine.” She listens with openness and love wanting others to feel her warm and compassionate reply. Knowing Spring truly has been a blessing for which I am extremely thankful!
— Heather Patenaude, dōTERRA Blue Diamond

I soak up every piece of advice, Spring shares. She takes the intimidating out of healthy and natural. Spring has the gift of simplifying crunchy. She also has the gift of connection and community. If you know her, you love her. Her house is like an episode of Cheers. “Everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came.” I love that she can rock her red lipstick while wearing her favorite Birkenstocks. She’s the best of glam and crunchy. So. Much. Knowledge. She is truly a blessing to my life.
— Amanda Trent, dōTERRA Diamond

Spring has been such an inspiration in my life. She has this ‘thing’ about her. This energy that draws people in and they don’t want to leave. I met her 4 years ago at my kitchen table. She introduced the goodness of essential oils to me and my life hasn’t been the same since that day! God has a way of bringing people into your life exactly when you need them the most. Spring opened up a whole new way of life to my family, a whole new world of people that were meant to be there. I’m so grateful and thankful for all the gifts she has shared with me, the mentoring and guidance and her friendship!
— Jen Alonso, dōTERRA Gold

Being a part of Spring’s team is like stepping into a world of acceptance, family, and a whole lotta southern love! It has been such a help to have Spring just a message away, whether it is business, oil help, or to share a laugh...she is there for all of it!!
— Amy Philbrick, dōTERRA Diamond