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Redefining "Crunchy"

I'm not granola.  And you don't have to be either!  Just because you love natural wellness doesn't mean you have to wear a tie-dyed skirt, be barefoot, and spend your days hugging trees (not that there's anything wrong with that!).

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Fallin’ for Fall

Every year at this time I start getting a little hankering for All Things Pumpkin Spice … wild orange, cinnamon, spicy thyme, and Harvest Spice Nice! Lookin’ for some recipes (drinks, food, diffuser blends and more) inspired by autumn? I’ve got you covered!

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Essential Oils

As a former ER nurse, I know all about what it's like to be in a health crisis.  Essential oils have revolutionized my life, my family's health and an entire community.  I'm passionate about educating everyone when it comes to essential oils and their use.

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Health Inventory

Healthy doesn't have to be so hard.
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Getting Started

The “world” of essential oils is HUGE!  Don’t be scared, or overwhelmed.  Let me help you dive into all things essential oils: why we use EO’s; where do we get EO’s; how to safely and effectively use EO’s.

Spring's Things

Listen. A good product gets me SO excited that I have to tell EVERYONE about it! Do you want to know what products I LOVE and where to get them? From ink pens to the most functional hand bag, I’ll share all of it with you!



I’m no Martha Stewart, but I do love to cook and share #alltherecipes. Simple, clean ingredients that can help you feel like a star in the kitchen.  Looking for diffuser recipes?  Yessssss, I've got those, too!

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SOS Oils

When you're in a pinch, what oils do you turn to? Trust me, I've been oiling for over six years and it is NO FUN getting caught empty-handed when you're at the airport or the waterpark without the crucials. I took a deep breath, sculpted my fohawk extra high, and made a quick video series for you on exactly how to use my favorite heavy-hitting essential oils in a crisis situation.


Entertainment, Made Simple

Download the free e-book now and discover tips and tools for having a true open-door policy at all times.  Unexpected house guests?  Never fear!

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I HATE video games. Am I the only one?!

Check out my latest vlog and join the conversation … are video games of any value at all?

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How to Buy

Did you know that you NEVER have to “sell” dōTERRA to be a member? Do you think that you have to order every month to keep a membership? (You don’t!) Did you know that being a member means you have an account and you order WHENEVER YOU WANT?

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