Spring's Things

stuff i love (and you'll love, too!)

Shower Diffuser.png

OASIS Shower Diffuser™ Waterproof Aromatizer™

Want to feel like you’re going into a spa every time you take a shower? Um, yes please! This guy has transformed my monotonous showers into a dreamy spa environment with the push of a button. Want one? (You’re supposed to tell “YES!”) Grab yours here plus score $10 off....


Pure Himalayan Pink Salt Foot Dome

De-stress & de-toxify with this amazing foot dome! Warm and soothing, nothing helps take the sting out of a long day better than propping your feet up on this bad boy. Reflexology and amazing ambience combine to make this truly one of my favorite things.


exclusive discount primally pure

Take 10% off your first order at Primally Pure! Simply use code SPRINGESTEPPE to claim this exclusive discount. I absolutely LOVE these products — second only to doTERRA in my heart for faves.

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Berkey Water Filtration System

Clean water is something that is very important to our family.  You could say that we are “water snobs.”  We’ve been using a Berkey Water Filtration System for 6 years and it’s something we can’t live without.  It was the best move we made when we looked into water filters and what we were actually drinking. Being able to eliminate Chlorine and Flouride from our drinking water along with pill sediment and all the other garbage that’s in public drinking water has been invaluable for our health.


Frixion Pens

I can’t stand to take notes and not be able to erase them … and let’s be honest, erasable pens from the 80’s and 90’s are terrible! They don’t really “erase.” These pens changed my life … they write so smooth, but erase like it was NEVER THERE. No joke. If you want the markers, they erase just like the pens!!! Those are found here.


stainless steel straws

Are you a straw drinker? Me too! Ditch the plastic straw and make the switch to stainless. Plastic isn’t cool. It’s bad for animals, the environment AND your health! Switching to stainless is a great option because they are reusable, not full of chemicals and they don’t lay around in landfills FOREVER. Grab you a bundle here:

For the travel straws, check this out!


rothy’s — my favorite shoe

Need to freshen up your shoes for Spring? These are the cutest AND the comfiest! Made from recycled water bottles, you’re saving your feet and the planet. Save $20 on your first order!


GliderGloves Copper Infused Touch Screen Gloves

Oooh, baby, it’s cold outside! And when you need to use your phone, you’ve got to take.off.your.gloves, right? Not anymore! These gloves are a serious game-changer. Keep your hands toasty warm AND use your touchscreen at the same time. Awesome, right?!


primally pure blue tansy deodorant

Finally! A natural deodorant that truly works. I switched to “natural deodorant” years ago and have done everything from make my own to use none at all. And yet, the stink remained or it would work for a stretch and then stop. So frustrating! I’ve finally found the one that works and smells amazing with ZERO chemicals. Grab yours here!

sea salts.png

dead sea salts

Soaking in a warm bath is so relaxing and one of my guilty pleasures.  I always make sure to add a scoop of these bad boys to replace minerals lost due to stress.  These are the best I’ve found and help with dry skin and emotional support.  I soak with 1/2 cup per 50lbs of body weight along with 1/2 cup of Baking Soda and my essential oils of choice. A tub bath 3-4 times a week replaces lost magnesium and boosts your immune system while detoxifying environmental toxins.


iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity

Listen. This Roomba has changed my life. I LOVE a clean floor and the only thing better than a clean floor is one you don’t clean! Run this handy gadget overnight and wake up to sparkling floors every single day. I love mine so much I named her “Joy” — really.


instant pot

I’m a busy mom who forgets to put the meat out to thaw. Gasp. The InstantPot changed my cooking life when I discovered I could throw frozen meat in it and have a delicious meal in under an hour. Game changer! From pot roast to brown rice and everything in between, this guy has become my kitchen best friend for all things “dinner time” on a busy schedule. 


urpower oil diffuser humidifer

A legit diffuser is a game changer. For real. I’m a huge fan of all the dōTERRA diffusers and have them all over my house BUT, if you want a diffuser that runs 12 hours, this one has been amazing.